Hey guys,

Today I’d like to show you a theme that I made over the weekend for y’all :) It’s called Tranquilo

Preview Tranquilo

You can download it form the “Free Download” page in the demo.

About Tranquilo

Tranquilízate! Tranquilo is a beautiful, simple theme that places focus on all of the important elements of a readable blog: author/reader connection, elegant typeface, rich aesthetic quality, easy and pleasing commenting interface, back-end tools to track promotion and community interaction, and so forth.

About the Author Widget

As you can see, the widget to the right allows for the user to place a photo of themselves in the sidebar. It also has a text-overlay with the author’s name, to improve authenticity. The settings for this widget are easily customized or removed through the WordPress Admin Panel.

Custom Logo Through The Admin Panel

Tranquilo Theme makes it easy to add a new logo straight through the admin panel, without needing to change source code.

Special Includes

The Tranquilo Theme comes with some useful extra tools to help bloggers track progress and interact with their community.

Monitor SEO Promotion

This plugin allows you to track two very import numbers for many webmasters: Alexa Rank and Yahoo backlinks. The plugin displays these two stats on the WordPress Dashboard.

Extra Admin Comments

This is a plugin that adds more features to the back-end of WordPress. Specifically, it shows the top ten commentors of your posts from either “All Time”, “1 Week” (the past week) or “1 Month” (the past month), and it also shows all comments that have not yet been replied to (unreplied comments). Although it might make sense to release this as two separate plugins…we just didn’t do that.

Connect With Your Top Commentors

Find the Comments In Need of Reply, and Reply Right There

I hope you enjoy this free gift :) If you have any questions or comments about it, please leave a comment on this post!

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