Yahoo MailIn case you haven’t seen the new Yahoo Mail, check it out here. Although much better than the previous versions of Yahoo Mail, this version seems to ride very much off a copy of GMails design. Particularly in the layout of key elements of the page. They have kept the tabs though, which is one particularity of the site that I do detest, simply because it makes it more difficult to track where you are.

New Yahoo Mail vs Gmail Design

Yahoo Mail

New Yahoo Mail


GMail Layout Design

I’m currently using the Grafiti theme for my personal Gmail because it looks awesome, regardless I find the similarities between these two layouts rather uncanny. Actually, it’s Gmails new row of filters (“classic”, “important first”, etc.) that seems like the biggest difference for me, and they are very recent additions.

What do you think, did Yahoo Mail blatantly copy Gmail? What is your favorite design?

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